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  • EuroEquestrian Connection

  • Immerse yourself in the captivating world of German equestrian tradition. You'll explore culture and heritage, discover unparalleled travel adventures, and experience a wide variety of unforgettable moments and traditions.

    DID YOU KNOW . . .

    ... the Enigmatic Saga of Hans Günter Winkler and Halla at the 1956 Stockholm Olympics? A Mystery Wrapped in Triumph! According to legend, just before their fateful course, Halla, the extraordinary mare, seemed to reassure Winkler when she turned her head and said, 'Hold on Hans Günter, I've got this.' Despite Winkler's debilitating injury, the two were totally in sync and pulled off a flawless victory. Their story transcends a mere medal; it's a fable of trust, resilience, and an almost mystical connection between a rider and his horse.

    This course not only delves into captivating stories of historical feats and mysteries but also offers valuable travel tips, cultural insights, and traditions, as well as enrichment and education of all things equine. Join us on this enlightening and educational journey.

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    Are you ready to uncover the History of German Horse Heritage?

    Curious about how German traditions have profoundly shaped various disciplines into an art and Olympic sport? Discover how Germany's emphasis on precision, harmony, and horse welfare shaped the horse world, ultimately setting global standards. Want to explore the impact and legacy of these enduring German principles in the equestrian world?

    Join us for a fascinating insight into the heart of German Equestrianism!

    Curious about the intricate language of German equine vocabulary?

    Imagine how understanding these classic terms can enhance your equestrian experience. We simplify the rich lexicon of German horse vocab, unraveling its historical depth and making your foray into this traditional world not just informative, but truly enjoyable.

    Ready to demystify the elegance of equine terminology and deepen your connection to this storied sport? Join us on this enlightening journey.

    Do you love to travel? 

    Step into the world of German equestrianism without leaving your home. We offer an unparalleled journey through Germany's most esteemed horse regions. Witness the beauty of historic stables and elite riding schools and so much more.

    This isn't just a tour; it's a gateway to understanding the essence of excellence in German equestrian tradition. Designed for both horse enthusiasts and those new to the sport, our virtual adventure promises an engaging and unforgettable experience.

    Secure your spot now for this limited opportunity to explore the heart of German horse culture from the comfort of your home!

    **opportunities for live tours, providing an up-close experience of Germany's equestrian heritage.

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    What will you learn? 

    History and Culture

    We invite you to dive into Germany's rich horse riding history, brought to life through our unique platform. Join us for an experience that goes beyond learning, immersing you in the heart of Germany's equestrian culture and traditions.

    Exclusive Travel Content 

    Get exclusive content and learn about Germany's stunning equestrian destinations. Find out about the rich horse culture and history as you travel through Germany.

    Unlocking Language Barriers 

    Discover the terms of German dressage with simple explanations. We'll help you understand the classic language and its rich history, making your journey into the traditional German equestrian world more meaningful.

    Begin your transformative journey into the world of equestrian excellence now!

    The richness of German equestrian culture and tradition is waiting for you with this comprehensive course as you immerse into this unparalleled knowledge.

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    Each Module Unveils a New Chapter of Knowledge

    Embark on a virtual journey with us in Module 1, where we'll explore the exquisite Hannoveraner (Hanovarian) breed and the enchanting Bundesland (state) Niedersachsen. This area, famed for its stunning landscapes and deep equestrian roots, is the birthplace of these graceful and athletic horses. As we delve into the Hannoveraner's distinguished characteristics, we'll also virtually travel through Hannover, and Niedersachsen, experiencing the beauty and rich horse breeding heritage that shapes these equine stars.

    In Module 2 we will virtually explore the Schwarzwälder (Black Forest Horse) horse breed, native to the idyllic Black Forest region of Germany. As we uncover the unique traits of these robust and gentle horses, we'll also virtually traverse the Black Forest, known for its lush landscapes and deep-rooted equestrian traditions (and not to forget the famous black forest cherry cake;). Discover the beauty and distinct qualities of the Schwarzwälder breed, a true symbol of strength and grace, set against the backdrop of one of Germany's most picturesque and historically rich regions.

    In Module 3, we delve into the Zweibrücker horse breed, a gem from the Rhineland-Palatinate region of Germany, which intriguingly borders France. This proximity to France adds a unique cultural blend to the region's equestrian heritage. Our immersive virtual tour will not only reveal the elegant stature and versatility of the Zweibrücker but also the scenic beauty and rich history of their homeland. Discover how this breed mirrors the diverse and rich cultural tapestry of an area shaped by both German and French influences.

    Discover the rare and captivating Dülmener horses, Germany's wild horse breed, in our insightful Module 4. These horses roam freely in the “Merfelder Bruch” region of North Rhine-Westphalia, a testament to their untamed spirit and resilience. Our virtual journey will take you through the picturesque Münsterland, showcasing how this lush area has shaped the unique qualities of the "Dülmener Wildpferde". Experience the allure of these wild horses, symbolizing the unbridled beauty and rich equestrian legacy of their native Münsterland

    Module 5 takes you on a dual journey through the stunning Holstein region of northern Germany and into the world of the renowned Holsteiner horse. This module is as much about exploring the picturesque landscapes and rich cultural heritage of Holstein as it is about understanding the breed known for its athleticism and elegance. Discover the historic towns and lush countryside that have shaped the Holsteiner, a symbol of Germany's equestrian prowess. Experience a perfect blend of travel and equestrian education, where each aspect enriches your understanding of the other.

    In Module 6, we embark on a fascinating exploration of the Deutsches Reitpony, the popular German Riding Pony, set against the backdrop of Germany's diverse landscapes. This module offers a balanced mix of equestrian education and travel adventure, delving into the charming world of these versatile ponies. As we learn about the Deutsches Reitpony's characteristics and uses, we'll also journey through the picturesque regions of Germany where these ponies thrive. Discover the enchanting blend of Germany's scenic beauty and the unique qualities of the Deutsches Reitpony, making this module a delightful fusion of travel discovery and equine insight.

    In our BONUS module, we take an exclusive virtual tour of the Moritzburg Landgestüt (stud farm) near Dresden, a jewel in the crown of Germany's equestrian heritage. This module presents a unique opportunity to explore one of Germany's most prestigious and historic stud farms, set in the breathtaking surroundings of Moritzburg. As we navigate through this esteemed establishment, you'll gain insights into the meticulous breeding and training practices that have made it renowned worldwide. Additionally, the module features the cultural and architectural splendor of Dresden, offering a rich blend of equestrian excellence and the historic charm of one of Germany's most beautiful cities.

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    Hi, I'm Sandy (actually Sandra), your German equestrian expert.

    I've been riding since the age of 5 and have traveled all through my homeland of Germany, and the world. My lifelong passion for equestrianism and travel uniquely positions me to guide you through the rich tapestry of German equestrian culture. 

    My experiences have allowed me to immerse myself deeply in the traditions and nuances of dressage, and I'm thrilled to share these insights with you. Whether it's uncovering hidden equestrian gems in Germany or exploring its celebrated horse riding traditions, I'm excited to bring you stories and knowledge that will transform your equestrian adventures.

    Join me on this adventure where learning, culture, and fun come together.


    Your 6 week experience includes:

  • German Horse Breeds Showcase

  • Cultural Immersion Experiences 

  • German Equestrian Language Lessons 

  • Digital Downloads 

  • Exclusive Euro Connection Community

  • Exclusive Guest Expert Appearances

  • Historical Equestrian Sites Virtual Tours

  • Traveler's Guide to Equestrian Experiences

  • And so much more

  • Only $99 for
    6 weeks + 1 bonus week

    or 2 payments of $59

    🐴 For a fraction of the price of a basic weekly riding lesson

    🐴 Less than a weekly massage or chiropractic treatment for your horse (or you)

    🐴 More cost-effective than a trim or a new pair of shoes for your horse (or you)

    🐴 Less than your daily Starbucks for the month

    🐴 More affordable than a set of high-quality horse blankets

    🐴 Less than half the cost of a pair of Pikeur Breeches

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    Your Questions Answered

    Are there any additional costs involved after I purchase the course?

    Your purchase includes access to our 6 week course without any hidden fees. However, we do offer optional extras such as special travel opportunities and experiences to Europe and additional courses, as well as one-on-one consultations. These are entirely separate from the course and available to you as exclusive, additional opportunities. 

    How often is new content added to the platform?

    We refresh our content every week for six weeks, ensuring you always have something new and exciting to explore in the world of German equestrian culture, tradition, travel and so much more. 

    Can I access the content after the six weeks?

    As a valued member of our community, you'll have lifetime access to the course content.

    How can I interact with experts and other participants?

    Engage directly with experts and fellow enthusiasts in our exclusive Facebook Group. This vibrant community space is perfect for sharing experiences, asking questions, and receiving advice, allowing you to connect and learn from others who share your passion.

    What is your refund policy?

    We offer a straightforward, hassle-free 7-day refund policy. If you find that the course isn't the right fit for you within the first week of joining, you can request a full refund, no questions asked.

    Are there any hands-on experiences or trips included in the Euro Equestrian Connection course?

    Yes, the Euro Equestrian Connection course will offer a range of practical, hands-on experiences and trips. These will be offered throughout the year for an additional fee. These activities will offer immersive exposure to European equestrian practices and incorporating cultural and regional experiences.

    Invest in Your Equestrian Journey Today

    Whether you're just starting out or aiming to deepen your knowledge, this fun and educational course is designed to support your equestrian journey at every step. Immerse yourself in the world of European equestrian culture like never before.

    Think of this course as your digital 'Treasure Trove' for horse enthusiasts – offering a stream of insights and expert advice, all delivered in a clear and engaging way, without any clutter!

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